Let’s try this again…

Photo by #80Weeks

Well, that didn’t start well. But fail once, fail again. Fail better.

So, Day 1 Week1 was this past Sunday, December 26. #80weeks from then is July 13, 2023. It sounds like it is a long time away, but really, not that long.

The goal is the same, to be a debt-free, minimalist writer. And lose some weight because I am female. But, since I am starting over, I obviously set myself up to fail. So, gentler goals this time around. Little things each week. This week, I am going to set up my bi-weekly habits. This week, I am not drinking wine. So far, so good. And I will do that next week as well.

To recap the original 8 habits for the first 2 8week periods: (With a few edits)

1. In bed 8 hours and sleep at least 7 hours.

2. 8K steps each day.

3. No clothing purchases.

4. No wine or alcohol.

5. Write 800 words a day.

6. Blog 80% of the days to track progress.

7. Declutter 8 things a week.

8. 8 minutes of weight lifting or yoga 80% of days.

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