It’s Day 1, Week 1

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Yes, I am starting again. Here are yesterday’s numbers, the “last supper” if you will. I will tweak the 8 pillars for this new start.

Saturday, April 30

1. In bed 8 hours and sleep at least 7 hours  In bed 9:30, asleep 8:42, Score 82 YES
2. 8K steps each day. 8 minutes on the bike or 8 minutes of Yoga. Yes! 12,885
3. No clothing purchases. No, so Yes
4. No wine or alcohol.  ah, well, it’s the last supper effect, right?
5. Write for 8 minutes a day. Easy Peasy. YES!
6. Blog 80% of the days to track progress. (That is about 5 days a week, really 6, but I am going with tiny goals here. Yes!
7. Declutter 8 things a week. Yes!
8. IF goal: Maximum eating window of 8 hours. It was a crazy day, so just didn’t bother. No.

Starting today, here are the 80Weeks Habits I want to build in order to be a Debt-Free, Minimalist, Hiking Writer:

  1. In bed 8 hours (Sleep at least 7), and/or sleep score >80
  2. Movement: 8K steps, 8 minutes of yoga, OR 8 minutes on the spin bike
  3. No wine or alcohol
  4. No personal shopping*
  5. Write at least 8 minutes per day on a major WIP
  6. Blog here 80% of the week to chart progress
  7. Maximum eating window of 8 hours
  8. Save at least 800.00 per month in High Yield Savings. **

* Personal shopping includes clothing, books, pens, notebooks, journals, planners, make-up, and toiletries. Exceptions for needed smaller clothing sizes (part of the results of 80Weeks), new planners for 2023 in November/December, everything else when there are NONE left.) Also, no personal fast food. Have to eat out with others.

**This is automated, and should happen each month, but will turn to YES if I remove any amount so that savings is less than 800.

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